1. Starting time will be 4:00 PM unless otherwise noted. Starting time will be 3:30 when 3 matches are played at the same site.
  1. Order of competition is C, B, A with extra games labeled as C for scheduling. (as specified by rule 65.64.1).
  1. Warm-up procedures: Fifteen minutes before the beginning of the first match, a coin flip will determine the first team to warm up. The winner of the coin flip will get five minutes on the court alone, then the other team gets five minutes on the court alone. After these two sessions, both teams will be allowed on the court for two minutes (5-5-2).
  1. One registered official is required for all matches..
  1. Substitution procedure: The substitute must report to the court and then wait for the official to admit her to the game. The coach reports the substitution to the scorekeeper.
  1. Players can play only one match per night, three matches per week. Matches will be best 2 out of 3, but all three will be played.
  1. Home team is responsible for providing a good game volleyball.
  1. Spike lines need to be painted or taped onto the floor.
  1. Height of the net for volleyball will be the official height (7’ 4-1/8”).
  1. WIAA and Federation guidelines apply. All 3 games will be played to 25 points (no cap).
  1. League will use rally scoring and line up sheet.
  1. Teams may use Libero, but they are responsible for tracking.
  1. A 6 ft. step in line (marked with tape on the floor) for “C” level only.
  1. When crossover games B vs C or A vs B, SOP’s for lowest level shall be used.


Revised 5/19/15