1. Each school will have a Boy’s and Girl’s Track Team. No division by grade. Each school will be allowed 8 entries and 2 relay teams in each running event. High jump also has an 8 person limit for boys and girls.
  2. Track meets begin at 4:00 PM unless otherwise noted. Coaches meeting will commence thirty minutes prior to start of meet. Contestants will be entered on Athletic.net by 6:00 P.M. on Tues. for a Thurs. meet. Only scratches will be allowed for runners after official entries have been submitted.

 The order of Running events

  1. 100 m Hurdles = first event of all meets. Boys’ hurdles will be run first at all meets.       10 hurdles. ‘Start’ to first hurdles is 13m or 42’8” – between hurdles = 8.5 m or 27’10” – last hurdles to finish line is 10.5 m or 34’5-1/2”.       Boys hurdles will be 33”and Girls hurdles will be 30”.  100 m Dash
    1600 m Run
    400 m Relay    4 X 1
    400 m Run
    200 m Dash
    800 m Run
    800 m Medley Relay (100,100, 200, 400)

In the Field Events all contestants will be allowed 3 attempts

High jump- Boys = 4’ and Girls 3’8”, and the bar will be raised at 2” increments. (If the bar falls it is a missed jump. It does not matter if the jumper is off the pit or not.)

Long jump       Triple Jump    Discus – we use the girl’s high school discus.

Shot put (boys = 8 lb., girls = 6 lb.)   Javelin = 800 gram, 72”.

Ribbon Meet

  1. Ribbons will be awarded for 1st to 8th place.
  2. Only league schools are allowed to compete at the Ribbon Meet.
  3. 3 attempts will be allowed in all the field events.
  4. Each school will be allowed only (8) contestants per event, track as well as field, with a limit of two relay teams per event.
  5. Each school will be responsible for providing two adults to help with the competition, upon request by the host school.
  6. To be entered in an event in the Ribbon Meet, a contestant must have competed in that event in at least one meet prior. The exception would be for a relay team.

Revised 2/1/17


  1. WIAA and National Federation rules apply.
  2. No team score will be kept.
  3. False starts: first one charged to the field, second charged to the contestant and disqualified.
  4. Athletes can participate in four events, but not more than three track events or three field events. (42.61.0, Page 66 WIAA). Track participants are allowed to run only two races 400 meters & over.



  1. Schools should have a top cover mat for their high jump pits for safety issues.
  2. The high jump bar should be reset and centered on each standard for each jumper. If the bar has been hit during a jump, it may be closer to falling for the next jumper.
  3. The Boy’s and Girl’s High Jump bar should not be raised from opening height until all contestants have had an opportunity. Field events should stay open until one of the following conditions are met:
    1. All signed in athletes have completed all attempts.
    2. There are no boys at a specific field event area and the boys running events have started.
    3. There are no girls at a specific field event area and the boys running events have completed.
  4. A High Jump attempt ends when one of the following conditions are met;
    1. The person(s) in charge of the event touches the bar to center it for the next jumper.
    2. The next jumper is called to be up.
  5. A crossbar displaced by a force disassociated with the competitor after he/she is legally and clearly over the crossbar shall not be a fault and is considered a successful attempt (Rule 6-2-25).
  6. Shot Put: A legal put shall be made from the shoulder, with one hand only – (Rule 6-7-8).
  7. In jumping events all marks and run throughs are completed prior to the start of competition. Event manager may allow later run throughs as special circumstances arise. 15 minute warning will be announced prior to starting competition


  1. The Boy’s running events will not begin until all boys field events have been completed.

Revised 2/1/17