1. Total season, including practices, is 12 weeks.  Minimum number of practice days per individual is 10. Team practices minimum is 10.  Regular season game limit is 6.
  1. The season start date will be in accord with WIAA Handbook 51.62.0 guidelines.
  1. Jamborees are permitted as long as each participating team plays a maximum of two 10 minute quarters.
  1. A football participant shall be eligible to compete in up to eight (8) quarters of play during any three-day period of the football season. A team shall be allowed one (1) week during the season to play two (2) contests.
  1. A and B teams play no more than 8 minute quarters.  The A game is played first.
  1. Ties will be played using the Kansas Tie-breaker (WIAA, 54.68.0).
  1. First three days of practice will be held without shoulder pads.
  1. Game time: 4:00 PM unless otherwise noted.
  1. At least one registered official for all football games.
  1. A coach will be allowed on the field at all times during the B game.
  1. Time outs: 3 per half.
  1. WIAA and National Federation rules apply.
    a. WIAA 57.2.3 – Following the first contest (jamboree or game) participants are limited to two (2) days per week (not counting contests) of thud or live drills.


Definition of levels of contact:

Thud – Drill is run at assigned speed through the moment of contact; no pre-

determined “winner”. Contact remains above the waist, players stay on

their feet and a quick whistle ends the drill.

Live Action – Drill is run in game-like conditions and players may be taken to

the ground.


  1. Intermediate ball is required.
  2. PAT:  Kicking-2 points, run/pass-1 point.
  3. Running clock at 30 point differential in second half.



Revised 5/25/16