1. Starting time: 4:00 PM. Starting time will be 3:30 when 3 games are played at the same site. Total season includes 12 weeks.  Minimum number of practice days per player is 8.  Regular season game limit is 10 plus a jamboree.
  1. Order of competition is C, B, A.
  1. Player participation limits:
  2. Each player is limited to participation in four quarters of play in any one day. Any appearance in a quarter, regardless of length of time played, is to be considered as one quarter.  The game in which the player exceeds his/her allotted four quarters shall be automatically forfeited by the team using the player.
  3. There shall be no more than three games per week per squad.
  1. All quarters for all games on a night when there are three games will be 7 minutes. When there are less then three games the quarters will be 8 minutes.
  1. Anyone at the scorer’s table shall remain neutral and refrain from fan or coaching behavior and act as a contest worker only.
  1. At least one registered official for basketball games. See page 4 number 9.
  1. Defenses:
    a) Full court press is not allowed if pressing team is ahead by twenty or more points.
    b) There is no pressing below the B level games (C & D levels).
  1. It is recommended adults keep the home scorebook. Scorekeepers should sit side by side.
  1. WIAA and National Federation rules apply.
  1. Pre-game warm-up will be 10 minutes in length. Halftime will be 5 minutes.
  1. 4 minute overtime with addition of 1 time-out per overtime. (By National Federation Rule Book)
  1. Running clock starts at 40 points in the second half.
  1. When crossover games B vs C or A vs B, SOP’s for lowest level shall be used.





Revised 10/16/17