1. Single games start at 4:00, double headers start at 3:30.
  1. At least one (1) association umpire is to be used.
  1. Each team will be allowed 10 minutes of infield practice, with the visiting team taking infield first. If the visiting team has not arrived by 20 min. prior to game time, the home team must take infield first.
  1. If a team is ahead by 10 runs at the end of the fifth inning, or any subsequent innings, the team leading will be declared the winner.
  1. All players shall be in the lineup and will bat prior to any player batting a second time. Single game format only.
  1. Substitution rule: Unlimited substitution is allowed for every position (a player may re-enter a game more than once)..
  2. Middle Level School Pitcher Limitation – The pitching limitation rule is based upon the number of pitches thrown during a calendar day with a maximum of 100 pitches in a calendar day.

# of Pitches                       Required Rest

81 – 100                            3 calendar days

51 – 80                              2 calendar days

21 – 50                              1 calendar day

1 – 20                                0 days

  1. Game Length:a) Each game will be scheduled for 7 innings.  No inning shall start 2 hours after beginning time. Ties are allowed.  Extra innings will be played if begun prior to the 2 hour time limit.
    b) Double Header Games: A team will play first and no inning will start after 1 1/2 hours from beginning of game.  B team will play second with no inning starting after 1 1/2 hours of beginning of game.
  1. Field dimensions: Pitcher rubber to plate – 54’6”   Bases – 80’. High school dimensions are also acceptable.
  1. Metal cleats on baseball shoes are allowed.
  1. WIAA and National Federation rules apply.
  1. There will be no hitting practice allowed on the infield prior to the game by either team. No hitting in the cage prior to or during the game.
  1. Any half-inning ends after 5 runs or 3 outs. Only 5 runs shall be scored in the official score book per inning.
  1. If a team is ahead by 10 or more runs they are not allowed to steal to advance to the next base. If at any time the teams score is below 10 runs, they are allowed to steal.



Revised 2/1/17