Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for students to develop their natural skills in sports. We believe that the emphasis should be on participation and skill development in interscholastic competition.


  1. Promote and contribute to the goals of the total educational program.
  2. Teach the student athlete the value of achievement as a product of hard work.
  3. Teach the student athlete the value of competition in relationship to modern societal demands.
  4. Promote good citizenship, sportsmanship and respect for rules and authority among players, coaches, parents and spectators.
  5. Assist the student athlete in recognizing his/her self worth and at the same time understand and appreciate the importance of teamwork and group unity.


Other Items

  1. Each sport has a list of specific rules/guidelines that have been agreed upon by the league members.
  2. All must play rule is recommended by the league.
  3. If a team does not show 30 minutes after the scheduled game time, the game is forfeited.
  4. Coaches and athletic directors or principals are responsible for providing proper supervision of their students at all contests.
  5. Changes in competition dates/ times after the schedule has been approved are the responsibility of the school requesting the change (by mutual agreement). Notification must be made early enough to have bus schedules adjusted.
  6. Member schools should confirm game non-participation by phone or e-mail at least one day prior to event (all schools involved).
  7. Member schools shall not have cheerleaders.
  8. Member schools will not charge admission to activities. Allow the host school of a jamboree or culminating tournament the ability to charge a minimal admission fee to recoup the cost of facility.
  9. Registered officials of the Washington Officials Association should be provided in all cases possible. In cases where this is not possible, competent adults shall be obtained that have met the WIAA requirements under 24.5.1.
  10. Teams should not arrive until 45 minutes prior to game time.
  11. Schools will place those athletes with the highest ability on the A Team.
  12. Combine and stack games whenever possible.